TANGKAHAN TOURS, We will start at 06.00 am from Bukit Lawang, Off road with local jeep to Tangkahan.
It takes about 2 hours  passing by oilpalm plantation track and rural areas and A bit bumpy drive but great fun!
Tangkahan is a beautifully remote jungle settlement situated on the other side of Gunung Leuser National Park. Remote village was practically built on the logging trade in the 1980s and 1990s, because the people became aware of the damages by such activity. They collectively decided to stop illegal logging and transform the area into an functional, self-sustained ecotourism destination. In April 2001 the community banded together to form the Tangkahan Tourist Institute (Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan – LPT) and fixed regulations prohibiting the exploitation of the surrounding rainforest. The Conservation Response Unit (CRU) was born – a team of Sumatran Elephants and their mahout that helps safeguard the national park to protect it from encroachment.
And the activity is : ELEPHANT WASHING / BATHING

For further Information whatsapp +6281364108007